NYU Precollege 2017

Heads Up: Planned Albert Outage

Please note that Albert (NYU’s student information system) will be unavailable  from 5pm EST on Friday June 2nd until 9pm EST on Saturday June 3rd due to a necessary system-wide upgrade. During this time, student records will be unavailable, so plan accordingly!

As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Books & NYU Classes

Now that you have enrolled in classes and paid your bill, you can start getting your materials ready for the first day of class. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below: Continue reading “Books & NYU Classes”

Dorm Living…with a Roommate

Many of you will be living on campus, and this may be the first time you live on your own away from home. Living in a college dorm can be a very rewarding experience, as there can be a sense of community, and all around fun! But there are some rules… Continue reading “Dorm Living…with a Roommate”

College 101: Wellness 101

College is a great time, but it can also be stressful. Sometimes managing classes, homework, exams, a social life, getting enough sleep, exercise, the hustle and bustle of New York City, and everything else that goes on in life can seem overwhelming! Find out how to manage your stress with Wellness 101: Continue reading “College 101: Wellness 101”

What to do on a Waitlist

Are you currently on a waitlist, or trying to put yourself on one? Have questions? See our helpful hints below:  Continue reading “What to do on a Waitlist”

Dude, Where’s My Class?

So you’re registered for classes. Excellent! But…where are they being held?  Continue reading “Dude, Where’s My Class?”

Reminder: Pay Your Bill!

So, you’ve registered for classes, you have your schedule, and you’re reading the blog. Good for you! But have you remembered to pay your bill?

Continue reading “Reminder: Pay Your Bill!”

College 101: Time Management

As part of the Precollege experience, we will be offering a number of College 101 sessions on various subjects to help you succeed at Precollege, and be better prepared for college after you have graduated from high school.  Be sure to attend one of the College 101 Time Management sessions. More information will provided at the July 2nd Precollege Orientation. This post will highlight our session on time management. Continue reading “College 101: Time Management”

Double Check: Am I Registered Correctly?

It is around this time that you should be making sure you are properly registered for NYU Precollege to avoid any issues at the start of the program. So what does this mean?check out some friendly reminders and FAQ below:

Continue reading “Double Check: Am I Registered Correctly?”

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