NYU Precollege 2017

NYUCard & Campus Cash

In NYU Precollege, you are considered a college student just like any other NYU college student. And like every college student here, you will need to have an NYU ID card. Continue reading “NYUCard & Campus Cash”

Subject Area Spotlight: The Humanities


In this blog, we’ve talked about the different science options available to Precollege students– but what about the humanities?

Continue reading “Subject Area Spotlight: The Humanities”

Summer @ Stern

If you’re thinking about pursuing business in college or are just interested in knowing a little more about the basics of business, then Summer @ Stern through NYU Precollege might be for you.  Find out more below:

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Excited about Precollege, but confused about cost? Finances  making you freak out?  Check out our most commonly asked scholarship and financial aid questions below:

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Subject Area Spotlight: The Sciences

Still not sure what classes to take? Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different subjects you might not have previously considered. Today, we’ll take a look at the sciences.  Continue reading “Subject Area Spotlight: The Sciences”

Writing Workshop Info: Asking the “Write” Questions

What is the non-credit College Writing Workshop?
(The non-credit College Writing Workshop) is a pass/fail course that prepares students for the level of writing expected and required in college. The course is taught by NYU’s writing experts.  It introduces students to college-level analytical reading and writing skills they will need to succeed in class.

Find out more:

Continue reading “Writing Workshop Info: Asking the “Write” Questions”

When to Arrive

Feeling confused about move in? We’ll tell you where (and when!) to go:

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Registration FAQ: Courses, Credits, & Units

In doing your course search, you’ve probably seen a number of new academic terms you may not be familiar with. We’ll try to answer some of your common questions here.

Continue reading “Registration FAQ: Courses, Credits, & Units”

Commuter vs. Resident: How to Pick

Like many NYU students, Precollege students can choose to live on campus (resident)  or commute from home (commuter).  There is little difference between the two options in terms of overall experience in Precollege. Below, find major similarities and differences between being a resident and a commuter. Continue reading “Commuter vs. Resident: How to Pick”

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