Campus housing has a dedicated team of professional and student staff to ensure students’ safety, a sense of community, and administrative operations.

What are PAs?
 Program Assistants (PAs) are student staff members who live on the floor with students in the residential hall. There are PAs for commuter students, too!

What do PAs do?
As NYU students, PAs know all about going to class and living in the city, so they are your #1 resource while here!  Whenever you have an issue, concern, question, or thought, reach out to your PA.  Really, they’ll help you with anything.  During the program, PAs will not only be planning floor and commuter events on campus, they will be running the events and activities available to all students on evenings and weekends, taking care of curfew, and helping to run the building.  You’ll see them a lot while at NYU, so smile and say hi, or stop them for some info!

Who are the PAs?
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