Still not sure what classes to take? Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different subjects you might not have previously considered. Today, we’ll take a look at the sciences. 

science rules

If you have a knack for the sciences or if you are considering a science major in the future, then Precollege is the perfect way to experiment in this area.

What kind of sciences are there?
When most high school students hear the word “science,” they probably think of biology, chemistry, or physics. And NYU offers a lot of those options! If you’re interested in studying “the workings of life in all its varied forms,” then Biology is for you. NYU offers lots of Biology courses for Precollege, so you can read more about Biology.

But did you know there are other types of sciences too? 

  • Environmental Studies “…provides students with the breadth of understanding and skills necessary for resolving environmental questions and creating a sustainable future on scales ranging from local to global.”If this sound appealing to you, you can read more about Environmental Studies.
  • Social sciences are fields of study that interpret human behavior, institutions, and society based on the scientific method.

Can you tell me more about these “social sciences”?
Of course we can! Check out some descriptions from the NYU department websites for…

  • Anthropology: “The scope of the discipline’s interests effectively bridges the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Anthropology asks basic questions concerning the origins and development of humans and their cultures and divergent systems of thought, belief, and social order.” Read more about Anthropology.
  • Sociology: “Sociologists study the ways that social structures and interactions shape human life. We seek to understand the full range of social institutions and practices, from couples and small groups, to social organizations such as businesses and government agencies, to communities, cities, and nations.” Read more about Sociology.



There are many options to choose from so be sure to browse the complete Precollege 2017 course listing and course descriptions in Albert for more information. Happy course hunting!