What is the non-credit College Writing Workshop?
(The non-credit College Writing Workshop) is a pass/fail course that prepares students for the level of writing expected and required in college. The course is taught by NYU’s writing experts.  It introduces students to college-level analytical reading and writing skills they will need to succeed in class.

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Is it mandatory?
No. The non-credit College Writing Workshop is optional for both residential and commuter students; however, it is highly recommended for all Precollege Students.

But I already know how to write. Why should I take this seminar?
College writing can be different from what you may be practicing in high school. Many Precollege alumni report that the Writing Workshop greatly improved their writing skills, helping them succeed even more in their high school courses and giving them the skills to stand out in their college admissions essays and writing samples.

What if English is not my native language?
There is a special section of the Writing Workshop for students for whom English is a second language (EXPOS-UA 30 Section 064). Students in this class will receive additional feedback from the instructor on English grammar and style.

When does the Writing Workshop run?
The Workshop meets twice a week for 90 minutes. There are multiple sections offered at a variety of different times to suit your schedule.

Okay, you’ve convinced me; how do I register?
The College Writing Workshop (EXPOS-UA 30) is found in the Precollege course catalog under the College of Arts and Science’s Expository Writing program. The different sections are numbered 060-073. The English as a Second Language (ESL) section is numbed 064.

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