In doing your course search, you’ve probably seen a number of new academic terms you may not be familiar with. We’ll try to answer some of your common questions here.

What is a course?Doubt
course is one class. You register for a course through NYU Albert. For help with the registration process on NYU Albert, check out our previous post on How to Register for Classes.

How many courses should I register for?
Depending on whether you will be living on-campus or commuting, you will be enrolled in anywhere from 1-3 courses during the program. For more information, check our post on commuter vs. residential students.

What are credits and units? What’s the difference?
A credit is a value of academic units assigned to a course. We use the terms credit and unit interchangeably–there is no difference.

How many credits is each course worth?
Good question; most summer courses are worth 3 credits (though some might be worth 2, 4, or even 5).  The writing workshops are non-credit and are worth 0 credits each.

How many credits will I take?
Again, this can vary, especially depending on whether you are residential or commuting. 6-8 credits total is considered full-time study during the summer, so, if you attend Precollege full-time (or are a residential student), you will be registered in at least 2 courses worth 6-8 credits.

We are always happy to help you with your course selections, so please feel free to contact us with any questions!