Like many NYU students, Precollege students can choose to live on campus (resident)  or commute from home (commuter).  There is little difference between the two options in terms of overall experience in Precollege. Below, find major similarities and differences between being a resident and a commuter.

precollege inforgraphic.jpg

True for BOTH:
  • Assigned to Founders Hall P.A.s (Program Assistants)
  • Non-Credit Writing Workshop is optional
  • Can participate in all Precollege events and programming

So what should I do? The choice is yours, but if you don’t have the time to attend courses full-time, you might want to think about commuting and taking only one or two courses.  If, however, you want to attend full-time and you are able to stay overnight on campus, consider being a residential student and submitting a housing application. Remember,  your experience at NYU will be what you make of it!

the choices are yours

Want more information?  Contact us with your questions about the program or differences between being a commuters and residents.