Course registration for NYU Precollege is open!  Be sure to activate your NYU NetID and set a password before you log-in to NYUHome to register.

Here are some tips before you start registering:

  1. Research: Carefully read over the course offerings and descriptions so you know exactly which courses you want to take.
  2. Explore: Pick more than one course that interests you. A good place to start is to consider possible majors. Talking to your guidance counselors at school can also be helpful.
  3. Have a backup: Courses fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to have second-choice courses in case your first choice is full or wait listed.Consider taking a variety of subjects to keep you interested and challenged throughout the full six weeks of the program.
  4. Check for Pre-Reqs: Most Precollege classes require no previous experience, but if a course has a prerequisite that you believe you’ve met, complete the Enrollment Request Form, and we will be happy to evaluate your eligibility to enroll in that course. Note that you must be logged into your NYU email account (your NetID) to access this form.
  5. Know yourself: Create a schedule that works for you. If you’re an early riser, register for courses beginning before noon. If you find waking up is hard to do, try courses offered later in the day.
  6. Read: Check out the registration tips and information available on the blog.
  7. Ask questions: If you have any questions about courses or subjects, contact us!  We’re happy to help guide you with course selection.

Confused by Albert?  The NYU Registrar has awesome online guides on how to use Albert and register for classes.  Still confused? Contact us and we can help you further